Know What Leads Will Sell Using A.I.

Imagine having a score that tells you what leads are most likely to convert and changes as it dynamically learns the more you interact with that customer.

Attribute gives you that.

Get a sneak peak into Attribute’s Proprietary Lead Scoring below.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the AI accurately score the lead?

Attribute’s A.I. scoring is broken down into four different scoring models:

  • Model 1: Demographic US Census data.
  • Model 2: Project Sunroof - a project run by Google that gives Sun Scores for sub regions within the United States.
  • Model 3: Conversational intent - Attribute factors both phone and sms conversations to pick up on customer intent.
  • Model 4: Custom values - such as credit score, shading, average electric bill, and annual income, etc.

This sneak peak utilizes Models 1 and 2 to comprise a score. By signing up for Attribute, you will get access to all four models.

What is Attribute?
Attribute is an A.I. powered Lead Attribution Software. Attribute helps give you the insight to create experiences that attract the right people at the right time by accurately scoring, attributing, distributing, and scaling your leads.
Why should I believe this score?
This A.I. score was trained on over 6 million different leads, conversations, appointments, and sales data points. The score has consistently shown to be more than 78% accurate in calculating the probability that a lead becomes an appointment and subsequently a sale.